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Recurring Issues: The WCC has identified several recurring issues that permeate our dealings with land managers and underly most access and environmental issues we face at the crags. Read more...

Bouldering near Bellingham.
Photo by Luke Distelhorst.

  Access Issues
With rare exception, we do not own the places where we climb. Even if we do not cause problems we can lose access because public and private lands where climbing takes place may be managed for purposes other than climbing.

Climbers must be represented in management discussions or we will lose access. Some specific issues the WCC has worked on are listed here.

Issue or Project: Type of Issue: For Further Information:
2014 update: road access MBSNF Future funding and maintenance uncertain Darrington update.

contact: Matt Perkins
2014 North Cascades Park anchor update Recent discussion of bolts in North Cascades National Park. More Information
2014 Mt. Erie update Anacortes acquiring parcel below Snag Buttress. More Information
2014 Index Upper Town Wall nesting season closure Peregrine Facon nesting closure at request of Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. More Information
2012 Deception Wall closure at North Bend Peregrine Facon nesting prompted closure at request of U.S. National Forest Service. More Information.

contact: Matt Perkins
2014 update after 2012 vehical access closure, Gold Bar Land Managers and Logging Company gaited road More Information

Jonah Harrison
Wenatchee, Okanogan, and Colville National Forest Planning National Forest planners seek climber input Position Statement: WCC encourages participation

contact: Matt Perkins
Falcon Closure: Leavenworth 2011 nesting closure at Midnight Rock only. for further information: 2011 Peregrine closure information page
Long term planning, Mount Erie Climbing area "trails" to remain Update re: Plan and 5/13/09 memeting

contact: Matt Perkins
Access reduced, Static Point DNR destroyed road to former trailhead Update re: Spada Reservoir planning process

contact: Mark Hanna
Lower Town Wall closure threat, Index WCC purchased Lower Town Wall for climbing park further information:WCC Page on 2009-2010 Index Fund
Climbing Management Agreement, Newhalem New route development limited to specific sites per 2008 agreement further information:NPS Page on Park Planning
Private property access, Icicle Creek, Leavenworth Discussion with private land owners contact: Andy Fitz
Items routinely being thrown off cliff, Index Outreach and cooperation with land managers,ORV groups contact: Darryl Cramer
I-90 Exit 38 (Deception Crags) organized thieves steal credit card info contact: Washington State Patrol
Darrington Road/Trail Maintenance In 2005, the road was going to be closed over budget concerns; trail projects ongoing Climbers' calls and letters got Darrington road reopened
2004 Subaru Primal Quest, Darrington adventure race invasion Position Statement: Climbers and future events
Dishman Rocks, Spokane 1. climbing area development style
2. private property rights/liability
Disman Rocks resolution
Infinite Bliss Rock Climb, Middle Fork Snoqualmie River 1. user-built trail construction
2. wilderness power drilling
Infinite Bliss defused

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