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Eastside Forest Planning:
Okanogan, Wenatchee, and Colville National Forests

Dan Hughes on Outer Space, 5.9. Photo by Mark Weber.
  The Wenatchee, Okanagon, and Colville National Forests are undertaking a new management plan. The recreation planning portion of this effort is being done by Vladimir Steblina in the Wenatchee office. He requested that climbers submit a map with "areas of interest" denoted on it -- that is he has asked that we inventory and disclose all of the crag projects currently under way, and areas where we might envision future activity.

If climbers don't identify areas we are interested in, they may adopt a management plan that doesn't allow for climbing in some of these areas or they may inadvertently close access roads or take other actions that effectively close a crag without even knowing it.

The national Access Fund reps tell us that the current request from the rec planner appears to them to be a unique activity to get specific climbing areas actually incorporated into a management plan. Although there are no guarantees that there will not be restrictions on climbing, they don't think this request would have been made in order to make extra work for the law enforcement and resource management staff by compiling a list of areas that they need to close.

Along with Forest Planners, we encourage Washington Climbers to take this opportunity to participate in the process to ensure that current and future activities are in alignment with FS plans.

For further information, or to participate in this process:
contact: Andy Fitz or Matt Perkins

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