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Index Trail Project 2012
Volunteers being treated to a safety talk.

Index Trail Project 2012

Index Trail Project 2012

Index Trail Project 2012

  In 2012, the Washington Climbers Coalition worked with the Access Fund Conservation Team, The Mountaineers, and the American Alpine Club to upgrade trails near the Lower Town Wall at Index. The Access Fund was on site for over a week, and volunteers assisted them on a daily basis. Over a two-day weekend, 75 more volunteers participated in this project. The trails were greatly improved!

The trails at Index have developed through a combination of random climber traffic and intentional design. Trail maintenance has been undertaken generally on an ad hoc basis by a dedicated core of volunteers.

The Washington Climbers Coalition acquired the Lower Town Wall property in 2010 following a successful fund-raising effort supported by our partners at the Access Fund and the American Alpine Club. We have been working to improve trails, parking, and sanitation at the site since then. These efforts are ongoing.

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