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Ed and Darryl picking up trash below the Upper Wall.

Ranger Ralph helps out with a chainsaw.

Marty with Trash.

  Index Town Wall, April 30, 2005:
Crag Clean-up and Trail Maintenance

This year's trail and crag cleanup at Index focussed on the main trails to the Upper Town Wall and Private Idaho/Diamond areas. Approximately 20 climbers showed up, ranging in age from ten to sixty, and volunteers worked from two to five hours.

We substantially improved the two main trails mentioned above, with repairs to the trailbed, removal of the winter's deadfalls, and brush clipping. The main trail to the Upper Wall had been severely damaged when someone rode a horse up it in wet weather, collapsing the outer edge of the trail; we largely repaired this damage, cut deadfalls off the trail and clipped brush. We cleared the trail to Private Idaho/The Diamond area of deadfalls and brush, and slightly raised the bridge over the ditch along the railroad tracks to offer drier passage over water that is deeper than normal because a beaver is active in the area.

We collected a unique bunch of trash below the Upper Wall. Usually we find that climbers are the main source of trash below a popular climbing crag, but here we collected an amazing assortment of stuff that off-road enthusiasts have been chucking off the top of the cliff just to watch things fall through space. We picked up a car bumper, tire, parts of a pickup truck canopy etc. (The main portion of the canopy remains in the woods nearby.)

We offer a hearty thanks to all who devoted time and energy to this project. Maintenance efforts like this help keep our crags clean and safe, and they go a long way to show land owners and or land managers that "we care."

Note: The State Parks has posted a sign at the top of the cliff, warning visitors that there is a busy climbing area below and that they should not throw thigs off the cliff; climbers should be warned, however, that this remains a hazard on the climbs from about Dana's Arch to the Backroad (the impact zone can be identified by the presence of dead pine trees on the ground below the bottom of the wall - these pines only grow at the top of the cliff).



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