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Boots and shovel
Boots and shovel at WCC work project.

Stairs at Vantage
2014 Vantage trail Project

2012 Index trail Project

Darrington trail project
2014 Darrington trail Project

As climbers, we enjoy the opportunity to climb on both public and private lands in Washington. With access comes a responsibility to take care of the places where we climb. Thoughtful behavior at the crags and formal stewardship projects demonstrate that "we care."

The Washington Climbers Coalition has been undertaking stewardship projects since 2005.

Here are some of the projects we've worked on.

Issue or Project: Project: For Further Information:
2015 Far Side/Dirty Harry trail Project New trail construction at Exit 38. More Information
2015 Matrix Trail Mazama area climbers and FS added new access trail. More Information
2014 Darrington trail Project Eightmile Creek trail maintenance in Darrington. More Information
2014 Tieton trail Project Royal Columns trail stabilization. More Information
2014 North Cascades Park anchor update Recent discussion of bolts in North Cascades National Park. More Information
2014 Vantage trail project Trailwork and toilet celebration in Frenchman Coulee. More Information
2014 Vantage toilet installation Toilet installation caps 20 year effort. More Information
2012 Index trail Project Volunteer stewardship at Index Town Wall. More Information
2012-2013 Vantage Toilet fundraising Facility development Background and Update.

contact: info@washingtonclimbers.org
Wenatchee, Okanogan, and Colville National Forest Planning National Forest planners seek climber input Position Statement: WCC encourages participation

contact: Matt Perkins
Temporary toilet in place, Vantage Organizational,planning Temporary porta potty.

contact: Jeremy Park
Peshastin Pinnacles State Park Agreement will keep Park open. Questions and answers about proposal.

contact: Freeman Keller
Access and acquisition, Index Long term climbing park planning under way Index update.

contact: Jonah Harrison
Climbing Management Agreement, Newhalem New route development limited to specific sites per 2008 agreement further information:NPS Page on Park Planning
Private property access, Icicle Creek, Leavenworth Discussion with private land owners contact: Andy Fitz
Items routinely being thrown off cliff, Index Outreach and cooperation with land managers,ORV groups contact: Darryl Cramer
Index Town Wall Crag maintenance/ongoing management issues 2005 Project report

contact: Darryl Cramer
Icicle Creek land purchase, Leavenworth development pressure/land sales threaten access Success! Sam Hill acquisition
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