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Jason at Far Side

Volunteer projects like this are an excellent way for climbers to "give back to the land," and they demonstrate that we care.

Vertical World Climbing Team at the Far Side.

Far Side trail project 2015
On June 19 and 20, 2015, climbers work on a reallignment of the current trail serving the area we call "The Far Side," near Exit 38 along the Snoqualmie corridor east of Seattle. This is part of a larger trail project known as "Dirty Harry's Balcony."

Partner Groups

Vertical World Climbing Team
The Vertical World Climbing Team joined us on this project. This was a valuable stewardship effort for these remarkable atheletes and the project was part of a broader effort known as "gym to crag."

The Mountaineers team up with us on many projects and their members climb at Exit 38.

American Alpine Club
The American Alpine Club works with us on many projects.  

Stone Gardens
Stone Gardens has been a regular supporter.  

Pro Guiding Services
Local guiding outfit Pro Guiding Services turned out for this project.  

Access Fund Conservation Team
The Access Fund Conservation Team was on hand, leading the way. Join Mike and Amanda, two dedicated workers who travel the nation undertaking stewardship projects on an almost year-round basis (they get a break for a few months in the dead of winter).

Mountains to Sound Greenway
The Mountain To Sound Greenway is working on a number of initiatives to preserve open space and provide sustainable recreation in the Snoqualmie Valley area.

Department of Natural Resources.
The Department of Natural Resourdes, South Puget Sound Region, houses a broad variety of recreaional sites from the I-90 corridor to the Capitol Forest, soutwest of Olympia. Near the Far Side project site, these include Little Si, another rock climbing destination, along with Mt. Si and Mailbox Peak, popular training hikes for climbers.

Snoqualmie Valley Rock Climbing:
More information about rock climbing in the area can be found here:


Access Fund Conservation Team:
The Conservation Team travels around the country doing trail projects at climbing areas:


Mountains to Sound Greenway:
The Mountains to Sound Greenway works with a variety of partners to preserve open space in the Snoqualmie Valley:


Department of Natural Resources:
The Department of Natural Resources manages a tremendous variet of recreation sites:


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